Nakupenda (Studio Version)
Apr 12, 2014
Official Music Video - Nakupenda (Studio Version). Nakupenda is Swahili for 'I Love You'. We originally did this song in 2013, however we have reworked the video. We now feature the women of as many of the major ethnic groups that have suffered at the hands of the Colonial Powers as we are able to, within the confines of this video presentation. African women outside of Africa, the women of various African tribes, women of the Rainforest people, Native Indian women, Native American women, Native Canadian women, Australian Aborigine women and women of the San people who scientists have now recognized as the original race on earth and hence, the mothers and fathers of all humanity and as usual we end with a salutation to the Ancestors.
Cries Of The Ancestors
Jan 27, 2014
This is our latest and our contribution for Black History month 2014. The song was done for Black History month 2013, however the video is new.. This is always a very special time for me and is my very humble tribute to our Ancestors and the trials through which they had to go. My guitar wails and sighs in this one to represent the pain and the cries as the Ancestors toiled under the whips of the slave masters. Those were indeed very sad days and nights in our history. Things have definitely gotten better but slavery of a type is still very much present in today's world. There is a note at the end of this video and it is very important that it be read and understood as it is not meant to be a critique of anything but simply a commentary on what took place during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and afterwards on various Plantations.
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