The Akan Woman

Akua KamauThis song is a bit of an enigma and she (I say she because it feels as if The Akan Woman is now either a discrete human being or a spiritual entity) seems to have taken on a life of her own. Seems I am always thinking of her. She has been in my mind since about September or October of 2013 but for whatever reason I am simply unable to complete the song. What is also very funny is that I find that the inspiration to complete her is normally accompanied by the inspiration for another song on which I am also working. I am speaking about none other than Afrika Uprising. Seems I need to now start speaking about Afrika Uprising too but not today. I continue to work on the drumtrack for The Akan Woman and in fairness a very large amount of work has been completed however there is still some way to go because this song will be about six (6) minutes in length.Now am having issues deciding on the mix of instruments that are to be used. First I was thinking that it would be all ethnic with congas, guiros, cowbells etc and no kicks, high hats or snare drums etc, however based on what I did yesterday it is a mix of congas, kick and snare drums, clavels, cowbells etc. There are even other instruments that I did not initially envisage. The guitar chord progression(s) are basically complete, but there is the trumpet track and the conga and kalimbas for their solo piece. Amidst it all, even though I speak of The Akan Woman and Afrika Uprising, at this point I am not completely certain that these will be the names of the completed songs or more importantly, whether these are the songs that I am currently composing. Also, as I implied earlier, I am not even certain whether The Akan Woman is a human or spiritual being. Fact is, I will only know for sure, when the songs are completed. Lets see how it goes.

Akua KamauAkua Kamau

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