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Of Afrika Band - Rootz Afrika

The lyrics are complete. The chord progressions are complete. The melody is complete. Stugo said he is ready. The Shekinah is ready. Desi Roots is practicing the song. I am ready. Clayon is ready. Horasha is ready the Oraine is ready so since it is a fairly easy song as soon as we identify the drum set we will go through just a few rehearsals then hit the recording studio. The following are some of the questions that have been sent to me by friends so far,

Question: What is the message of Rootz Afrika?

Answer: It was written as song based on societal biases toward Ras Tafarians even in today's Jamaica. Rootz Afrika signifies a state of mind. A place to which this particular Ras Tafarian retreats to be alone with his thoughts, find solace and to reflect on life as it is taking place with him.

Question: When was this song written?

Answer: It was first penned early in 2015, however we have tweaked some of the lyrics as we were developing the progression and the melody during 1/2016.

Question: How did Desi Roots get involved in this project?

Answer: Desi is a bonafde bredren of mine (Akua) and when we were fine-tuning the progression and the melody I decided to ask him if he would be willing to record this song with us as he is an already established recording artiste from back in the day and moreso, because we are a newly formed band I believe we needed to release our first songs with an established artiste to show that we are to be taken very seriously in the music business. Fortunately for me, he agreed to work on this one with us. We are NOT simply a backing band and hence while we are not averse to accompanying other artistes, will be releasing mostly our own material.

Question: Will Desi Roots be singing on any more of your songs?

Answer: I honestly cannot give you a YES or NO answer you at this time. What I can say is, he has agreed to do this song with us. However If he is willing to sing other songs with us, we will consider it an honor to have him sing with us again.

Questions: Are we to expect more new material from Of Afrika any time soon?

Answer: YES you ALL should. There are four or five other songs with lyrics already completed and the chord progressions and melodies are in varying states of completion.

Question: By when can we expect to hear them ALL?

Answer: I would say (by the way, please do not hold me to this) by about the middle of the fourth quarter of 2016.

Question: Can you give us the names of a few of these songs?

Answer: Yes, I can. In addition to Rootz Afrika, here are the others:

  1. Blood On Their Hands (Roots Reggae)
  2. I Love You [Message To The World] (Reggae/Pop)
  3. Curtain Of Rain (R&B Love Song)
  4. Righteous Rastaman (Roots Reggae)
  5. Take It Back (Roots Reggae)
  6. A Day Of Praise (Nyabinghi Chanting and Vibes)

Thanks friends, please keep the questions coming!!!

Here a link to the song  

Akua Kamau

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