Chill Room

Akua KamauWelcome to The Chill Room. This page is for things that do not readily fit into the menu options that are presented on the other pages. Here I will talk about myself and the things that matters to me. The things that makes me, me, so to speak.

For starters I was born in Jamaica as an offspring of the maroons in Accompong Village in St Elizabeth and also of the offspring of slaves. I make absolutely no apologies for who I am. I grew up in a matriarchal home that was part of a larger matriarchal family. I am absolutely afro-centric. It is who I am and it is what makes me, me. I love music, any kind of music (a la The O'Jays)  and I try to play the guitar. I think I play ok but I dont think that am a great guitar player. I specialise in the rhytmn guitar, am not a lead guitar jock so you wont see me doing lighterning fingers up and down the neck. The following is the list of subject areas in The Chill Room.

Akua Kamau