Album Cover
Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi SINGLE
Akua Kamau
Released: Aug 11, 2014
Label: Fern Gully Records
Track Listing
1 Eleggua Meets Mama Mzazi CHOPPED

Liner Notes

Akua KamauAnother effort from us after much meditation has resulted in receiving the inspiration for this song. It has an Afrikan feel with a Caribbean 'after-taste' as a consequence of the steel pans that were used in its production. This song is about love and respect and is intended to be a tribute to the Eleggua and also to my dear departed Mama Mzazi (ie. Momzee) who passed away at 18:30hrs on Tuesday 13th August in 2013. Notwithstanding this, it is a happy upbeat song which in our view reflects the chracteristics of the Eleggua and also of my Mama Mzazi.

As the song plays, one can immediately feel the presence of the Eleggua as soon as he enters the music. We hear him in the steel pans and also in the rhythm guitar. Very sweet, very mischievous in a kind of 'happy-go-lucky' way. I am feeling him even while composing these Liner Notes based on the number of silly mistakes, misspellings and general nonsense errors. Hello Eleggua. LOL LOL LOL.

Akua Kamau

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