Album Cover
Nakupenda (Studio Version) - SINGLE
Akua Kamau
Released: Apr 30, 2013
Label: Fern Gully Records
Track Listing
1 Nakupenda (Studio Version)

Liner Notes

Akua KamauThe word 'Nakupenda' is from the Swahili language and it means 'I love you'. 'Nakupenda sana' means I love you very much. This song was written as a lovesong and hence this name was chosen. We believe the song, while being an instrumental, still conveys what we choose to  call 'the love vibe' quite fully, to all who listens to it.

This in our opinion can be substantiated by the large percentage of female fans who choose to 'like' this song on Jango Radio. The records shows that most of our female fans chose to become fans of Akua Kamau after listening to this song,.








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